About me.

I live in the south of Germany with the world’s best husband and way too many books.

Whenever I am not busy with my books – or my husband for that matter -, I teach, I cook, I listen to music and sing under the shower.

I love meeting new people, learning new stuff and travelling wherever my heart and budget take me. I also love reading (as if you wouldn’t know by now), the smell of new books, people, cooking (and to a certain extent also baking), working with kids, languages in general, swimming, water, running, theatre, colours, sorting books, making plans, organising things, writing, talking, laughing…

I am deeply interested in the English language (British English especially), phonetics and phonology, contrastive linguistics, language acquisition, history, theories of power and intellectual giftedness.

This blog is where I write about whatever is on my mind. Both in English and in German – depending only on how I feel and think at the time of writing.

Thank you for being here.