July Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

Wait, it’s the end of July already?! Well, that was… unexpected! Time really flies – and this is especially true in these summer months, even more so in the last month before school breaks. So many things going on all at once! So, July was busy (I’m literally writing this in the last minutes of July) – but also really nice. It was a month full of meeting friends and having more and more free time (no more lesson plans till September!). It also was a time of looking back at my first year as a fully qualified and full-time teacher. A time for taking stock and looking ahead – but more on that another time…


  • reading: doing well – 45/50 books (my goodreads profile)
  • #take12trips: 5/12: We went to Munich last weekend to visit friends and enjoy summer. It was great! ❤ I especially loved sitting by Lake Starnberg and just enjoying life. 🙂
  • workouts: 41 so far – I’m far behind my ‘schedule’ but seriously can’t be bothered right now as I’m struggling more than enough with my body even without forcing it to work out in the summer heat
  • taking care of myself: In light of the late hour, I might just refer to what I said at the end of June here.

Things I’m loving lately

Food: Pizza. Our friends have a pizza stone – and that pizza was just ❤

Music: Everything and nothing.

Books: I was positively surprised by Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It was long, but I really liked it.

TV: I’ve just finished binge-watching Girlboss on Netflix. And I’m typing this still crying my heart out. I don’t really know why, but the story got me somehow.

Acitivities: Just sitting on the sofa reading or watching TV. Like a true procrastinator sans the guilt – because yes, there are things I should be doing, but most of them can easily wait one or two weeks. The luxuries of being a teacher on summer break.


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