June Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

June was great. It started with a week in Iceland (where I fell in love with this beautiful beautiful country) followed by one more week of holidays which I spent with quite a bit of work but also with quite a bit of relaxing and a very nice evening with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend – and a whole table of mezze/antipasti (see featured photo). After two weeks of holidays, I had to go back to work – the end of the school year is already in sight – but it was okay. As it was so unbelievably hot last week, school finished earlier almost every day. And now that the “end of school year”-madness finally kicks in, temperature are lower and life in a glass building is more bearable. Well, it’s still a lot of work. But I’m not complaining, because – as I said – the end is nigh. 😀

On a more private note: Mr Spaetzle and I saw to theatre productions this month – one even open-air, which made for a nice change. Great date nights!

There were also some bad news this month, especially on the thyroid front, basically more pills for me (one of the side effects being weight gain – you can imagine how that so doesn’t help me relax and take life easy).


  • reading: doing well – 40/50 books (my goodreads profile)
  • #take12trips: 4/12: We went to Iceland this month. And I still have to write a blog post about it.
  • workouts: 4 this month, which makes 38 so far. I was on holidays and then my thyroid started annoying me. And then we had like almost 40°C. So yup, not enough, but this is not the time to make a fuss about it because see next point.
  • taking care of myself: battling with an autoimmune disease is never easy, I guess, so I’ve tried to eat healthier, but also more intuitively this month. I also had a more intuitive approach towards workouts – because the less I stress, the better I feel. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I’m more than satisfied about the whole self-care aspect this month.

Things I’m loving lately

Food: I am taking part in a green/clean/vegan challenge this week. It’s been a nice experience so far. I’ve already mady my own Kimchi, a great Teryaki sauce and plenty of plant based dishes.

Music: Tomte.

Books: I really enjoyed Terry Prachett’s Nation. On the non-fiction front I loved Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher.

TV: I didn’t really watch anything this month. Not even Gilmore Girls.

Acitivities: I loved, loved, loved travelling through Iceland. ❤


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