April Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

I might say that April was another crazy ride but I think I finally have found out why my life seems so crazy right now. Because it is. Thanks to my hyperactive thyroid, my body has been under constant stress for the last months. Not being able to think clearly, constantly feeling overwhelmed, feeling exhausted like every single day – all consequences of this stress. I’m not really ready to talk about it in “public” right now – some things need some processing first. The fact is, however, that I need to slacken off for health reasons, relax, try to not stress about whatever, to not stress my body e.g. by doing sports. So, that is my life right now.

On a more cheerful note, my Easter break (which was a wonderful two weeks long!) was really really great. We had a nice evening at a friend’s place celebrating her birthday. We went to Barcelona and I fell in love with the city and enjoyed the sun way too much (hello red face!). We went to the local park here where we live with some friends and one brought her little daughter with whom I played the entire time. And it was such a nice day. ❤

And I’d like to end this little text on a positive note. 🙂


  • reading: still doing well – 31/50 books (8 books in April) (my goodreads profile)
  • #take12trips: 4/12 – Barcelona was my 4th trip of the year
  • workouts: 5 (24 in total this year) – I am not supposed to work out until my pulse gets back to normal. Not what I had hoped for, but, seriously, I am not taking any chances with regards to my heart.
  • taking care of myself: Well, the first week of April was full of school things, but then I took it slow, had to take it slow – doctor’s orders. Which meant it took me quite long to grade exams and prepare lessons, but you can’t have everything in life, right? The last week of April was the first week of school, but I stroke lucky and had some extra time for preparations which reduced the stress significantly. 🙂

Things I’m loving lately

Food: I loved these Ramp/Wild Garlic Waffels and these vegan Meatballs (I didn’t have any cheese on hand, but they were super delicious nonetheless).

Music: This. I was in a cheesy, emotional mood for most of April.

Books: I really liked Noise of Time by Julian Barnes, although I still have the feeling that there is actually no plot at all. However, it was quite an interesting read. It gives you a feeling for what it must have meant to live in Soviet Russia.

TV: They changed the design and concept of our favourite evening show (the German version of Come Dine with Me). Booh! We’re not sure if we want to continue watching it. We also started with Designated Survivor on Netflix this month, which seems to be a fairly good show to follow so far.

Activities: The weather was crazy, but I still loved being outside. And reading, of course. And sitting there, staring into space while thinking about “it all”.


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