March Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

What can I say about March? It was another crazy ride. Yeah, I know, I said that about February, too, but honestly it seems like life just is a crazy ride right now. I’ve totally underestimated the time and energy available to me. (Disclaimer: It’s the story of my life: I always have great plans, but tend to forget that a day has only 24 hours (even for me) and that I need at least 7 hours of sleep.) I didn’t manage to uphold a vegan diet, so the vegan lent plan totally failed. It actually failed within the first five days, because I didn’t want to bother everyone with it while I was out with friends – and not all restaurants cater for all diets. I wouldn’t have minded breaking my own rules now and then. However, eating vegan was simply too much of a hassle when life got really busy – and it got busy really quick, probably never stopped in the first place. Plus there’s no vegan food in the canteen at work and I didn’t always have the time to make myself some lunch the evening before. I still try to eat as vegan as possible, but I did that before the start of my vegan lent anyway, and I intend to go on like that, so that’s not really something different or progress of any kind. But I don’t really mind. I might still try to eat more healthy and more mindful, though. But for now I just need to concentrate on not going crazy despite all the work and obligations.

Highlight of the month was: Going out for my birthday with one of my best friends and Mr Spätzle. We had a huge plate of falafel, hummus and more middle-eastern deliciousness and then headed to some pubs for cocktails and wine. ❤


  • reading: doing well – 23/50 books, i.e. 5 books this month (my goodreads profile)
  • #take12trips: 3/12: I went to Frankfurt to meet up with the other members of my club’s board. It was lots of work, but also strolling around in the sun, eating pizza in a lovely little place and having way too much coffee due to a (positive!) lack of sleep
  • workouts: 10 in March, which makes 19 in total this year (still behind the 2-a-week resolution, but back on track)
  • taking care of myself: .

Things I’m loving lately

Food: I’m on a bean trip: chickpea wraps and marinated beans made the top eats this month.

Music: this.

Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (in the fiction category) and The Marshmallow Test (in the non-fiction category)

TV: Well, I still haven’t caught up with all the Gilmore Girls episodes out there…

Acitivities: reading and/while working out on our indoor bike

Quotes: Plans change, things go wrong, shit happens, life goes on.


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