February Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

February was another crazy ride. I had to work really hard this month as the weeks were full with staff meetings, parent-teacher-evenings, trainings and all the usual stuff like preparing lessons and grading exams. Plus my free time was packed with activities – so not much time for nothing. But as exhausting as it may seem (and was!), it was also a great month and I’ve absolutely enjoyed the last 4 days (I’m in the middle of one week of holidays! whoop whoop!).

Mr Spaetzle and I decided to change our Date-Night-System earlier this month. We are now trying to do something special together every week. So the first week this month we went to have breakfast and visited a museum later on. It was an enormous shopping trip (we love doing the groceries) and vegan sushi the second week. As the third week was a super busy one for me, we decided to keep it calm and had a boardgames wine night. And last but not least, in the fourth week, we ate out in a nice restaurant and went to see a play afterwards. Awesome night out!

I met with my closest friends from uni for an extensive brunch one Sunday and it was just so great to see them all together again. Mr Spaetzle and I also went to his parents for dinner one Friday and had lunch with his brother and sister the next day. Also, his brother came to visit us, which was also really nice.

Other than those “domestic” things, I also left town twice this month. Once for a weekend with people from my club in Fulda, which seemed to be quite a nice city, but, unfortunately, I didn’t see much of it. And the other time for Germany’s biggest education fair in Stuttgart, where I spent an entire day.

So, it was an eventful month indeed. I’m enjoying my little break from school at the moment, reading as much as I can and preparing for my vegan lent, which starts tomorrow!



  • reading: 18/50 books, i.e. 5 books in February (my goodreads profile) – not too bad for a busy month!
  • #take12trips: 2/12: weekend in Fulda and day in Stuttgart (no sightseeing in both cities, unfortunately, just work – so two half trips count as one, right?)
  • workouts: 9 – I was so motivated to get back on track, it started out just fine and then another cold just hit me in the face. Thanks for nothing, weak body of mine.
  • taking care of myself: As I caught this nasty cold last week, I stopped going jogging in the cold, still went to work as it wasn’t bad enough. Preparing lessons was chaotic, because I had so many (private and work-related) extra-things to do and attend. Again, something to work on next month!


Things I’m loving lately

Food: I made this almond parmesan and it was great.

Music: this, this and this (Woodkid <3)

Books: I really enjoyed Dandelion Clock by Guy Burt. On the non-fiction front I absolutely loved Shelly Kagan’s Death.

TV: Where the Hell is Matt? (technically it’s youtube and also I’ve seen this like a million times even before this month, but I just love it) Also I really enjoy watching the German version of Come Dine With Me and simultaneously reading all the comments on twitter (#dasperfektedinner).

Acitivities: I really enjoyed going jogging after the winter break I allowed myself for whatever reason. And I loved going out with Mr Spaetzle. ❤


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