My vegan lent. (Fastenzeit vegan)

Before I tell you about my plans for Lent, let me tell you one thing (or rather three): I’m not a religious person, I’m not good at abstinence and I’ve never really done the whole fasting thing between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

However, I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegan (I’ve already been a vegetarian for half my life) for a while now. Not completely vegan, but as vegan as possible in my busy teacher life. I call this concept an at-home vegan and what keeps me from doing it at the moment is the fact that we still have dairy and eggs in our fridge. It would be easy to blame Mr Spätzle for this (and, frankly, we don’t buy these things for me) but, to be fully honest, I think it would be fairer to confess my lack of will power. If it’s there I’ll eat it one day or another. That sums up perfectly my relationship with food in our fridge and pantry.

But. And this is a big but. I’ve decided to change things: I want to eat a more vegan diet and I want to eat a better diet, in general. I want to stop the impulsive (or maybe even compulsive?) eating and start to plan my meals properly and do some meal prep every week to help me achieve these goals.

In comes Lent – this weird time between Carnival and Easter, during which people renounce all kinds of things: sweets, alcohol, luxury… you name it! So, I thought, why not try to do it this time: avoid non-vegan things, plan your meals, snack healthily – just try it for the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. And if it sticks, it sticks. And if not, at least I can say that I showed some will power for 40 days.

While I totally agree that it might not seem completely healthy to equal healthy eating with vegan food (and, yes, I see how you can live a totally unhealthy vegan life), I have to say that focussing on vegan foods really helps me to not eat just whatever is coming in my way. Cake in the staff room, a cheese sandwich in a short lunch break, a chocolate bar at the check-out, snacks at a party – all these things might be perfectly vegetarian and so I might treat myself to some or all of these things once or more often in a while. As I said, what is there will be eaten. But not during Lent. It’s my time to reset my eating intuition, to take better care of myself and to fuel my body the right way.

I’ll be posting updates including helpful ressources, ideas and tips which worked for me and some background information on veganism along the way.



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