The first trip of the year (#take12trips)

I love the #take12trips challenge by Clare form Need Another Holiday. I took it last year and it was great fun to plan and go on all the trips. So, naturally, I wanted to do it again in 2017.

Need Another Holiday

The year started with a month of meeting up with friends and family, going to an ice-hockey match and the theatre, but those don’t count as real trips, I guess. However, we also went to Paris right at the beginning of the year. It was cold – so cold I’d never recommend going to Paris in January, but we still got a glimpse of all the famous sights. We got there by train – there is an unbelievably convenient connections between Mannheim and Paris – and stayed for three days in a nice hotel in the 13th arrondisement. On the first day we walked a lot, following roughly the first day of this guide. On the second day we went to see the Eiffel Tower, but found that it was too cold to queue (bad planning doesn’t always pay off…). We then toured the Ile de la Cite (the inner city) for a while until we somehow got stuck in Les Galeries Lafayettes – it was so warm and cosy there! On the third day we took a free tour of Paris and then spent some more time inside, had coffee and fast food before we took a train back home. Too cold, too cold – but we’ll be back for sure (in summer, of course).


One thought on “The first trip of the year (#take12trips)

  1. I’ve been to Paris in January too! I think it was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life! One good thing though, there were no queues anywhere! We saw the Mona Lisa with barely a soul present – I couldn’t believe it. I think I’d go back at that time of year actually- if the flights were cheap enough. And you’d never guess it was January from your photo of Notre Dame. That sky!

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