January Check-In

This is a short update on both my resolutions and my life this month.

January was quite exciting, actually. It started with the Christmas holidays, continued with a week of sickness and then headed straight into two weeks of madness: school is crazy in January (reports are always due at the end of the month) and we just had two weeks of staff meetings and other stuff. Social life was quite good too: I met a good friend I hadn’t seen in more than 5 years, made up for a missed New Year’s dinner (the Spätzles were both down with a flue), celebrated my Dad’s birthday, met up with some people from my club, celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday twice (once dressed up as Ellie from Up) and went for dinner with two colleagues in a really nice new (to me) place close to the river. Mr Spätzle and I went to a play in the local theater, which, unfortunately, was not quite to our taste, but it was still alright. Also, my brother came to visit us and we went to see an ice-hockey match together. Needless to say we had a great day together. So all in all quite a month. 🙂


  • reading: doing well – 13/50 books (my goodreads profile)
  • #take12trips: 1/12: Went to Paris. It was (very too) cold. We’re planning on being back soon (probably next year).
  • workouts: let’s not talk about that… :/
  • taking care of myself: Well, I stayed at home sick for the first time in my working life, so that’s something. Apart from that because I was really tired and all the meetings and stuff took up so much time, I still had to prepare lessons on the weekend. It was horrible. So that’s something to work on in February.


Things I’m loving lately

Food: I absolutely adored this One Pot Pasta.

Music: this, this and this

Books: Harry Potter ❤ – because I finished re-reading the complete series over Christmas and finally got round to read The Cursed Child

TV: Gilmore Girls – how have I missed this all the years!?

Acitivities: reading and restoring my social life ❤


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