What a year.

2016 might be the most hated year of all times. At least that is what the internet seems to be trying to tell me at the moment. And I get it, with all the famous people dying, the war in Syria reaching new highs lows almost on a weekly basis, the climate being out of control, terrorist attacks in Iraq, Turkey, France, Germany and elsewhere, and don’t get me started on things like Brexit and Donald Trump (I mean how on earth did people start to think that “opinions” are more believable than facts!? How did we let hate rhetoric and overt racism dominate our news? Why on earth would anybody vote for a man who boasts about sexually assaulting women? Where do we live? And is this really the 21st century!?)

Well. Back to 2016, which was certainly not the best year for the world in general, but there were glimmers of hope as this wonderful video by Google clearly shows. (Love this video, get goosebumps every time I watch it.)

On a more private note, 2016 was also great for me personally. I married the world’s best husband, I finally finished my teacher qualification, got a full-time job and moved back to where I truly feel home. I ate lots of good food, read 45 books, organised our wedding, survived too many exams, travelled to quite some new places, met new people and got back together with some old friends. It was a year of hellos and goodbyes, a year of new beginnings, a good year.

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